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i’m not going to speak to joseph about this because i’m not going to speak to people who have sexually manipulated me but i just

wanna talk about this

i don’t wanna write off anyone saying they’ve been abused, especially since, although joseph asfoury is a rapist, it’s still very true that kelly montoya sexually abused her

i can’t think of anything that could have constituted abuse on my part but regardless of what happened, her feelings are valid as the feelings of anyone who feels they have been abused are valid, and i am prepared to address that, because that’s how these things go

the thing is that i’ve been in therapy for, i’ve been seriously depressed for months about, the fact that joseph sexually manipulated me, and there were several people in my apartment getting a play-by-play of joseph’s and my pseudo-relationship and there just… seems to be no question that i was manipulated and abused

tw under the cut for #rape #abuse #joseph asfoury #gaslighting t #alcohol t #self harm t #tom milsom #kelly montoya #josh macedo #cristobalite

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